The Orion Motion Collection is a comfortable and stylish choice for any home. The collection includes a sofa with dual recliners, a console loveseat with dual recliners, and a glider recliner, providing you with plenty of options for relaxation.Made from a combination of 80% polYester and 20% faux leather, the Orion Motion Collection is upholstered in either black or white, giving you a choice to match your decor. The collection storage arms, a drop down center sofa back drink tray with a lift up light bar, and a wireless charger, making it convenient and practical for any space.In addition, the Orion Motion Collection includes theater lighting on the sofa and loveseat, as well as a Bluetooth speaker on the loveseat. The collection is also equipped with coil cushions and a hardwood/plywood frame, ensuring comfort and durability. The knockdown wing feature makes it easy to transport and assemble.Overall, the Orion Motion Collection is a stylish and comfortable choice for any home. Its convenient and durable construction make it a great addition to any living space.
Key Features:
  • Collection includes sofa with dual recliners, console loveseat with dual recliners, and glider recliner
  • Upholstered in black or white 80% polyester, 20% faux leather
  • Convenient include storage arms, drop down center sofa back drink tray with lift up light bar, wireless charger, theater lighting on sofa and loveseat, and Bluetooth speaker on loveseat
  • Durable construction with coil cushions and hardwood/plywood frame
  • Cubes: 19.35 ft
  • Set Up Dimensions: 37.99 X 39.37 X 39.76
  • Case Dimensions: 27.17 X 31.1 X 39.57
  • Weight: 122 lbs
  • Qty Per Case: 1

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